Welcome to MarGreen


My name is Margarita, I am a content creator. I was born in Latvia, however, I am currently based in London. 5 years ago I started my journey on social media as a travel blogger, I used to get paid to travel the world, promoting hotels, outfits, travel industry, and mainstream brands. However, after traveling around the world and seeing the effects of plastic pollution and food waste on our environment, I decided to take a stand and speak out about the need for greater sustainability, and to use my social influence to encourage people to care about our planet just a little bit more.


Right now I call myself Environmental Content Creator, I use my photo, video, storytelling, and presenting skills to speak about important problems that the world is facing and solutions that we have. I use my platform and the power of social media to communicate the importance of environmental issues, and motivate people to be more responsible in their daily lives, and when they travel.

What do I do?

I work in sustainability and content creation segment. I help brands, companies and organisations to create visual,

interesting and appealing content that spreads positive environmental messages.

Content Creation

I capture and create content that communicates the importance of the environment, nature, and animals and motivates people to be more responsible in their daily lives, and when they travel.

Behind the Greens

Concept that showcases behind the scenes of organisations striving towards a greener future. Combination of classic social media exposure followed by creative storytelling captured and presented by a professional team. 

Public Speaking

I have a variety of talks that I present at events, universities, schools and online. My talks focus on sustainability, living in unity with nature and using social media to influence positive changes in people and the world. 

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Work with me


I am always on a lookout for new environmental and conservation projects to support. Whatever your idea might be, if you are an individual or a company who is striving towards a more sustainable future we can work together.