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Creative Greenpreneur Adventure

Have you been searching for a way to use your creativity to professionally serve the planet but haven’t resonated with any of the jobs out there? Do you want to use your voice to get involved in the larger conversations that will spread positive vibrations across the world? Do you believe you got what it takes to create your own meaningful "dream job" and live in alignment with your passion and purpose? Then the Creative Greenpreneur Adventure is the perfect opportunity to tap into your confidence and creative side and follow your passion for the environment.

Work with Purposeflow Living, Primal Gathering and AIMM marine researchers to learn about content creation, the environment, and most importantly- yourself! Join your fellow green entrepreneurs on the first content creation expedition of its kind in Portugal.


This video has all information and inspiration you need


Participating Projects

How to Apply

Due to the unique direction of this trip and the high demand, an application and individual selection process will be conducted. Unfortunately, we have very limited space for this trip as we want to give real knowledge and a real opportunity to those who are joining us. Please fill out the application below if you are ready to start this adventure! We really ask you to take your time filling out this form and provide as much information as possible to give yourself the best chance. 

Be active on our Behind The Greens page to get noticed and increase your chance to join us.



Purposeflow integrates mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. On-site volunteers rejuvenate their minds and the land by implementing permaculture and reforestation to regenerate the surrounding environment. Volunteers are guided to live more consciously to lead others towards understanding co-creation, co-facilitation, and co-exisiting. Purposeflow encourages one to find the best version of oneself to best serve the planet.


A non-governmental, non-profit, marine research and conservation organization. AIMM is an avenue for education that advocates for a more sustainable and safe environment for marine life. By providing scientific data, AIMM stimulates effective marine management policies, monitoring programs, conservation measures, and responsible tourism.

Watch our video about them here


Events dedicated to environmental, psychological, and social regeneration. Featuring educational and mindful practices, Primal Gathering’s mission is to locally and globally address the issues of our time. Transform individual behavior into collective action in order to change the world.

Applications are now closed. You can still fill in the form to be contacted in case of any cancellations and future projects

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Your contributions go directly to supporting 3 incredibly important environmental projects in Portugal: Purposeflow Living, Primal Gathering, and AIMM! As well as your participation ensures that MarGreen can continue growing and supporting organizations striving towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Please still get in touch with us if this opportunity screams your name but you do not have the financial means to join. Individual cases might be considered for a price reduction.

Fee is non-refundable and we ask participants to complete payment up-front. This is to ensure full payment towards the wonderful organizations that will be kindly hosting our group. Refunds will only be available for personal emergencies or in the case of a cancelation of the workshop from the organiser side.

What Is Included?

10-night shared accommodation, transportation between places and activities, ALL ACTIVITIES and WORKSHOPS, all meals, drinks and good vibes!

Contributions go towards supporting local projects, food, and people, allowing environmentalism and creativity to develop and flourish in Portugal. 

What Isn't Included?

Flights and additional diving trip (opportunity only

for experienced divers).

The project starts at 9 am on the 11th of November in Lisbon, so any expenses including food or accommodation before the start of the project are the responsibility of the participant. 

Have Questions?

Please Instagram DM or email me at with any questions or concerns you may have.

I am SO excited to experience this journey with you!

We cannot wait to welcome you in Portugal

Sponsors and Supporters

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