Environmental Projects

MarGreen Environmental Projects

Environmental Projects

London, UK


Raising awareness of the public about sustainability work that occurs in the backdrop of their next flight. Showcasing how Heathrow is aiming to lead the way in sustainable aviation. 


Aahus, Sweden

Demonstrating Absolut's ongoing commitment to sustainability by visiting Carbon Neutral production in Sweden and learning about sustainability practices, history, and philosophy.

Durban, South Africa


Together with a group of 7 volunteers, we spent a month in Durban, South Africa. For a month we were cleaning beaches and riverbanks in the area. Raising awareness on plastic pollution thought content creation. Building new facilities in a local Monkey sanctuary with ecobricks thought repurposing the plastic waste. As well as educating people in local townships how to turn their waste into building materials and be respect nature.

with PayPal and Keen Europe
with Absolut Vodka
with Heathrow Airport and Airport Carbon Accreditation 
with Care For Wild and African Conservation Experience

Kruger, South Africa


I spent a month living and working at Care for Wild- rhino rescue center in South Africa, creating content from behind the scenes of the conservation work to raise awareness about poaching crisis on social media and attract more volunteers, donators, and supporters to the project.

with SANCCOB and Two Ocean Aquarium

Cape Town, South Africa


I have spent 3 months in Cape Town, working for Two Oceans Aquarium that was raising awareness on plastic pollution in our oceans and volunteering in SANCCOB by saving sick and injured penguins. 

with Indonesian Tourism Board and Ministry of Forestry

Borneo, Indonesia


Together with Indonesian Tourism Board and ministry of forestry of Indonesia, I went to Borneo to see orangutans, learn about conservation and reforestation practices that the government is implementing there.

with Anantara Hotels

Chang Mai, Thailand

During this trip, I have visited 3 Anantara properties in Thailand and Cambodia to learn what the brand is doing to reduce their environmental footprint, educate local communities, and preserve local wildlife and species, as well as raising awareness on ethical and responsible animal tourism giving guidelines on how to interact with animals abroad.